About Us

Thank you for visiting Little Bird Lane!

We are Josh and Christina Wright and we are thrilled to welcome you to Little Bird Lane! We are the very proud parents to two daughters, Wren and Piper, (often referred to as our “Little Birds,” which explains where we came up with the name of our event!).

I first learned about consignment events when I was pregnant with Wren. After learning that we would be having a baby girl, the shopaholic in me started to get so excited about the possibilities of dressing her, decorating her nursery, and stocking up on the books, toys and gear that would come along with welcoming our long-awaited little miracle. The frugal part of me quickly realized how expensive all of that was. That’s when I learned of consignment events. I started going to every one I could-which meant traveling to Indy and Noblesville 3 times each season, or more if I could hit 1/2 price days. There is an excitement in them…the thrill of the hunt! After volunteering at several events, being a registered consignor, and a very avid shopper, I started wondering why there wasn’t something like this in our great city. We are a lively community filled with young families–surely others would share in my excitement. Surely others would be interested in saving as much money as I was, and even more-making money off of their kids’ items that were barely ever used!

We launched Little Bird Lane in October of 2012 with an overwhelming amount of support and excitement. We’ve enjoyed watching the sale grow from about 30 consignors at that first sale to now inching near 250! We take pride in being a locally owned business. I work full time at Purdue and Josh is in retail management. We would like to invite you to take part in Little Bird Lane as a consignor, a shopper, or a volunteer! We would be happy to answer any questions you have and we hope you will keep up with the latest Little Bird Lane news on our Facebook page.

Thanks, and we’ll see you at the sale!
Josh, Christina, Wren, and Piper Wright