Accepted Items

We accept items that are in excellent condition, in season, in style, and in proper working order. Items not meeting these standards will not be accepted.

Consignors: Be sure to check out the “Tagging & Preparing Your Items,” and “Pricing Guidelines” pages.


Accepted Items:

    • CHILDREN’S CLOTHING- Sizes Preemie to Youth 14/16:

    • Every item brought to the sale will be inspected for stains, holes, and excessive wear and tear. You are expected to do your own inspection and avoid bringing items that don’t meet these standards. Clothing should be in style and current (meaning it should have been purchased within the past 4-5 seasons). 
    • Accepted at SPRING AND FALL Sales: Costumes and Dress Up Clothes, Bathing Suits, Lightweight Jackets, Jeans and Khakis, Pajamas of All Kinds & Fabrics (except holiday themed in the opposite season), Long Sleeved Tees, Short Sleeved Tees, Sports Clothing and Accessories.

      Not Accepted at the SPRING sale: winter coats and accessories, snow suits, heavy sweaters and fleece or plaid lined pants, fall and winter themed items 

    • Not Accepted at the FALL sale: sun dresses, shorts (except basketball shorts)

    • Shoes, socks, tights, hats and accessories
      (MUST BE in great condition! Remember that socks get easily discolored and we will not accept items with staining or excessive wear.)

      Cloth Diapers (slight, typical staining is okay for cloth diapers, but the condition of the diaper should be excellent) and Cloth Diaper Pail Liners/Wetbags

      Maternity Clothing and Nursing GearNote: There is a per-consignor limit of 10 maternity items per sale. Maternity clothing will not sell unless it is in like new condition, name brand, current style, and very competitively priced! We accept all seasons of maternity clothing at both the Fall and Spring sales. We will not accept maternity clothing that appears to be dated or would not be found in current maternity stores.


  • web0038
  • Strollers
  • Exersaucers, Bouncy Chairs, Swings, and Jumpers
    High Chairs, Feeding Accessories
    (no bite marks, food stains, etc.)
  • Bumbo Seats 
  • Pack & Plays
  • Diaper Bags, Baby Carriers, and Slings
    Baby Monitors



  • IMG_6688
  • Slides, Swings, and other Outdoor Toys
  • Bicycles, Tricycles, Scooters, and Motorized Play Cars
    Play Kitchens, Train Tables, etc.
    Sand, Water, and Activity Tables
    Doll Houses, Activity Centers, Learning Cubes, etc.
    Ride-On Cars, Wagons, etc.
    Sports Equipment
    Pool Toys, Outdoor Water Play, Life Jackets, etc.
  • web0027
  • Changing Tables
    Bassinets and Cradles
    Cribs/Toddler Beds (By law, we cannot accept cribs manufactured before July 2011.) 
  • Rocking Chairs and Gliders
    General Nursery Décor including Rugs, Artwork, Decorations, Lamps, Mobiles, Night Stands, etc.
    Kids Tables & Chairs
    Bookshelves and Storage Shelving
    Nursery Bedding and Accessories
    Blankets, Swaddlers, Crib Sheets, etc.
    Boppy Pillows and Covers
    Baby Gates
    Potty Chairs and Bath Tubs
  • web0052

  • Toys

  • Stuffed Animals-Please note we will be VERY selective about stuffed animals. We will accept excellent condition, name brand stuffed animals, but we will not accept aged or tattered items or ones that do not have a name brand tag or aren’t a recognizable character.
  • Games, Puzzles, Books (Limit of 200 per consignor), CDs, and DVDs

  • Arts & Crafts


  • HIGH END/BOUTIQUE women’s clothing. This includes Matilda Jane, Evy’s Tree, LuLaRoe, and other boutique or high end brands. (If you can find it in the mall, it isn’t likely to be accepted.) LIMIT of 20 items per consignor. 
  • ADULT COATS. These must be in excellent condition and name brand and will still follow the same seasonal acceptance policies as the children’s items. LIMIT of 10 per consignor.
  • HOLIDAY DECOR. Must be excellent condition and current in terms of design and style. These will follow the same seasonal acceptance policies as the regular sale items–fall/winter holiday items at the fall sale, spring/summer holiday items at the spring sale. LIMIT of 20 items per consignor.


Items Not Being Accepted:

  • Carseats
  • Cribs manufactured before July 2011
  • Breast Pumps
  • Mattresses 
  • Clothing that is stained, faded, pilled, torn, has broken or missing buttons/zippers, or has unpleasant odors (smoke, animal smells)
  • Items missing batteries or no longer in working order
  • Items covered in stickers or that are written on, or items showing excessive wear
  • Toys from fast food meals or other “grab bag” style toys
  • Bath Toys (unless new in packaging)
  • Stuffed animals that do not meet the above mentioned criteria.
  • Recalled items (check


All unsold items that you do not wish to donate must be picked up between 5:00 and 6:30 PM on Sunday, March 11th. Any items left after that time will be donated to one of our local charity partners