Tagging & Preparing Your Items



How well your items are prepared is directly indicative of how well they will sell. Please inspect every single item for staining, general wear and tear, malfunctions, etc. We recommend that you start as early as possible—sorting, entering, and tagging your items will take time, so give yourself plenty of it to avoid unneeded stress.

IMPORTANT: All items must be entered into the system by 10:00 PM on Sunday, March 4th. After that time, you may still PRINT tags, but you will be unable to edit or enter additional items into the system.



  1. Register as a consignor here.
  2. Log into your Consignor Homepage from the Little Bird Lane website using your consignor number and password.
  3. Select “Activities Menu,” and then click the “Work with Consigned Inventory” link.
  4. Select the appropriate size and category, and use a detailed description so that your item can be appropriately matched to the tag should the tag fall off during the sale.
  5. Print your tags on white or light colored cardstock. (Avoid printing on regular printer paper because tags will be bent, torn, and ripped off of items, making them unable to be sold at the sale.)
    Please do not change the size of the tags when printing.
    To print tags, click on, “Work with Consigned Inventory,” and then “Work with My Consigned Items.”
    Select “Print Tags” if you’d like to print all of your tags at once.
    Select “Print Selected Tags” if you’ll be working over a period of time and would like to print tags as you go.
    Tags will look like this once printed:
  6. See below for specific tagging instructions based on category.


  1. Cardstock (Print on white or light colored 60-67 lb. cardstock. Please do NOT use regular printer paper.)
  2. Scissors and/or Large Paper Cutter
  3. Hangers (Child or adult sized, depending upon the size of your items)
  4. Tagging Gun or Safety Pins (NOTE: Clothespins and straight pins are not an accepted option for attaching clothing to hangers!)
  5. Clear Packing Tape & Painter’s Tape
  6. Ziploc Bags (various sizes, depending upon what you are selling)
  7. Plastic Wrap-optional (good for wrapping puzzles)
  8. Zip-Ties-optional (good for pairing shoes together)



All clothing should be freshly laundered, ironed (if applicable), and on a hanger. We will no longer accept clothing such as onesies or pants in Ziploc baggies.

Items MUST be hung so that the hanger forms a question mark when the clothing is facing you. (See image below.)

Plastic or wire hangers should be used for clothing items. Safety pins are great for securing clothing to hangers, but be sure to avoid making holes in clothing. Clothing damaged by safety pins will not be accepted.

When hanging pants, shorts, or skirts, consider safety pinning them to the TOP bar of the hanger so they do not slide. (See image below.)

Staples, straight pins, clothespins, and tape are strictly prohibited for attaching tags to clothing or clothing to hangers.

Maternity and bigger kids clothing should be hung on adult-sized hangers and safety pins may be used to secure items to the hangers if needed.

If using safety pins, ALWAYS attach to the garment tag if possible. If there is no tag, be sure to avoid making holes in the fabric.

If using a tagging gun, attach the tag to the garment tag or through a seam. Placing the tagging gun directly through fabric will likely cause holes and result in the item not being accepted.

Multiple-piece sets should be secured to the hanger with safety pins or tagging gun barbs. Place pants and tops back-to-back so that you can see the front of both garments clearly. Never attach pants to the bottom of a shirt with tagging barbs, as this will cause holes and result in the item not being accepted.

We suggest grouping multiple items or outfits together to increase their chance of selling. 

Please organize items by size and gender prior to your drop-off appointment.



Shoes should be clean and in gently used or like new condition.

Use zip-ties to secure shoes together.

Do your best to attach tags VERY securely, as shoes are heavily shopped and handled during the sale.



All toys should be clean and free of excessive markings, stickers, etc.

All toys MUST be in proper working order. Items that require batteries should have working batteries in them. 

If small parts are included, place them in a sealed Ziploc bag and attach the tag with tape or zip-ties.



These are VERY POPULAR items and typically have almost a 100% sell through rate!

Please make sure these are clean and include all parts. Extra pieces and/or accessories should be placed in a Ziploc bag and attached with a zip-tie.

Slight sun fading or general wear and tear is acceptable for large and outdoor equipment.




Must contain all pieces. 

Use plastic wrap to secure loose puzzle pieces and ensure that no pieces go missing during the shopping process.

Use painter’s tape to secure tops/lids to games, but please be sure the game is accessible for the volunteers when they check your items in.


BOOKS, DVDs, and CDs:

Tape the tag to the back inside cover of books. Consider using painters tape to avoid ripping or tearing. 

CDs and DVDs should be secured with tape at the opening.



Blankets must be freshly laundered and free of stains and wear.

Sets should be placed in their original packaging if possible. If not, use extra large Ziploc bags or hang items over large, sturdy hangers.

Grouping receiving blankets together in sets will increase their chances of selling. They should be hung on a hanger or folded and placed into a Ziploc bag.

Please note that bedding should be priced very competitively, and should be in excellent condition. Bedding, in general, does not have a high sell-through rate, so you should price it low and be sure to discount it for the 1/2 price day. For this reason, we are very selective about the bedding we allow into the sale.



Must be in excellent used condition and should be free of staining, fading, and excessive wear.

These items MUST be in compliance with all safety guidelines and must not be recalled. Click HERE to check for recalled items.

All baby gear and furniture must be fully assembled at the time of drop off. Items must also include batteries where applicable, and items will be tested for proper function at your drop-off appointment.

Small parts/pieces should be bagged and attached to the item with zip-ties. If you have it, we suggest including the item manual.

Baby Carriers and Slings should be placed on hangers (in the question mark form) and tags should be secured with safety pins.


All unsold items that you do not wish to donate must be picked up between 5:00 and 6:30 PM on Sunday, March 11th. Any items left after that time will be donated to one of our local charity partners